Jay and Silent Bob Reboot: ecco il trailer del film di Kevin Smith!

Sempre durante il San Diego Comic-Con, il cui programma potete leggere qui, è stato rilasciato online anche il trailer di Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, il nuovo film diretto da Kevin Smith dove il regista e sceneggiatore torna nei panni di Silent Bob, con il suo fidato Jason Mewes al fianco.

Da notare come in questo primo trailer ci sia una vera valanga di guest star. In vero stile Kevin Smith infatti, questo sembra un film molto autoreferenziale.

Lungo la strada, si possono notare cammeo di molti attori apparsi nei precedenti film di Smith, tra cui Jason Lee, Shannon Elizabeth, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Rosario Dawson, Jason Biggs, Justin Long e Craig Robinson. C’è anche un’apparizione di Chris Hemsworth, e vi ricordiamo che nel film sarà presente anche Melissa Benosit, come detto da Smith stesso attraverso questo post su Instagram.

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IT’S A (SUPER) GIRL! The majority of you guessed correctly: @melissabenoist, one of my favorite actresses in the world, indeed takes on the mantle of Chronic in our rebooted #bluntmanandchronic movie within @jayandsilentbob Reboot! (And we gave her some pants *before* the good folks at @supergirlcw!) I have loved working with Me-Me since I “directed” her in my first ep, #supergirllives. Number One on the call sheet sets the tone for the rest of production – and if that Number One is a tool, the set is a miserable place to be. But Melissa is the most exemplary and gracious Number One I ever met. She’s incredibly kind to EVERYONE in the cast and crew and she never complains about the long-ass hours, even when she’s hanging from ropes high above the ground. Then she opens up her mouth to act and you realize she’s that rare complete package in this business: true talent and true warmth. Some actors and actresses have a “process” that can be disruptive or alienating. Melissa doesn’t have to imposition anyone to be good at her job: she’s a natural. So naturally, two years ago, I asked her to be in #jayandsilentbobreboot. Melissa was the first person I asked to be in the flick (aside from @jaymewes and @harleyquinnsmith) and though it took a minute to get to the set, when we rolled cameras, she was Charm City! I saw her in the trailer in costume before we started shooting and the Last Daughter of Krypton gushed “When you asked me to be in the movie, you didn’t tell me I get to wear a cool costume too!” God, I love this kid – she’s the absolute light of the world. (And since her boyfriend is also *my* boyfriend, you might keep an eye out for a @christophrwood cameo too!) You’ll see Melissa’s Chronic and the finished #bluntcave in the #jayandsilentbobreboot trailer when it drops this weekend in Hall H at @comic_con! But until then, check the third pic to see a cameo of an infamous web portal last seen in #jayandsilentbobstrikeback! #KevinSmith #MelissaBenoist #supergirl #cw #arrowverse #JasonMewes #jaymewes #comiccon

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La pellicola sembra proprio lo stesso tipo di commedia di riferimento per la cultura pop che ha donato a Smith un posto nel cuore di molti fan.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot uscirà nelle sale per due notti solo ad ottobre. Il film sarà proiettato in più di 600 cinema martedì, 15 ottobre 2019 e giovedì 17 ottobre. La seconda serie di proiezioni farà parte di una double-feature con Jay e Silent Bob Strike Back.

Qui sotto potete vedere il trailer: